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Taruたる樽means barrel in Japanese, a vessel in which sake, shochu, and whiskey are stored and aged to impart their own characteristics.  We believe this process is emblematic of our restaurant.

Taru provides contemporary Japanese cuisine within an intimate and sophisticated ambiance.  With a focus on fine quality, we embrace the unique variations that occur in nature while breaking away from tradition and the results are something surprising and exciting.

Nestled within Taru is the omakase room, Kotaru, where we showcase the artistry and traditional technique into each course developed by chef Anthony Inn.  Executive Chef Anthony Inn has helmed the Michelin starred kitchens of Masa, Morimoto New York, and Morimoto Waikiki.  The basis of his exceptional skill and knowledge grew as the protégé of sushi master, Toshio Suzuki.

Regardless of whether they visit Taru’s main dining room or partake of the omakase in Kotaru, all guests experience omotenashi, which is defined as Japanese hospitality that strives to anticipate the needs of each individual.

Guests will experience Omotenashi, which is defined as Japanese hospitality.  We strive to anticipate the needs of each individual guest.

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Photo credit Evan Sung